iPhone is the most popular smartphone in the world. Many users say that it is the best as well. Because of this popularity, many companies sell a lot of accessories for Apple products. Currently, the most used iPhone is iPhone 6, but there are many people who use previous models. This is a good news for people who use iPhone 4 or 4S. Aqua Tek case can make you use this phone even longer.

This case will make sure that your phone is well protected. Even if you drop it in the water, unless it sink deeper than 20 feet. The most interesting parts of this case are solar panel and a battery. Because it is designed for outdoor use, you can use a solar panel to use a phone much longer. The battery integrated in a case can provide enough energy when the battery in your phone dies.

You can use this case anywhere you want. It allows you to use camera, volume keys and everything else on your iPhone. On the other side, it makes your phone much bigger, so it isn’t very wise idea to carry it during the summer when you wear shorts and T-shirts. You must carry a bag for it. But, you can choose between 9 colors and patterns, so every person can have a case he likes. 

Lithium-batteries that are built into the smartphones last very shortly. Because many users recharge their phones 2-3 times a day, the life of a battery is short. This case can solve this problem, or at least postpone the need for replacing the battery.