Gogoro’s Smart Electric Scooter

You probably haven’t heard for Gorogo. It is a small Taiwanese company that will become very famous in the near future. During the last several years, they were working on a secret project, which was finally presented to us. It is the first smart electric scooter. But, the best part of this scooter is that you will never have to charge its batteries. All you need is to swap them, at any swapping stations, which will be available in every big city. At the beginning these stations will provide batteries for scooters, but in the near future, Gorogo believes that these batteries will power other vehicles. Batteries used for this electric scooter are same as those used in Tesla cars. They weigh 20 pounds, and they are the most usable batteries in the world. When you buy a scooter, you get an app, that tells you when to replace the battery, and shows you the closest swapping stations, and you also get subscription for use of swapping stations. Swapping stations can charge up to 8 batteries at the same time.

This scooter has on-board diagnostic that is connected to your smartphone and provide you details about your scooter at any time. The specification of this scooter is similar to other electric scooters. It had 60mp/h top speed and a radius of 100 miles. This is not enough for some longer trips, but it is perfect for shopping and short trips. Although this scooter isn’t something special, it is very interesting. Its usage at this time is not very desirable, because there are no enough swapping stations available.