Lightmate Emergency LED Flash Light

Satechi has come up with a brilliant gadget. It is a LED Flash light but don’t let the looks deceive you. This gadget has a whole lot of stuffs packed in it for an emergency flash light. It is a compact LED Flashlight with high power LED’s. This flashlight has enough juice in it to charge mobile devices. It also includes emergency light modes such as SOS and strobe.

USB Charging Port

This flashlight comes packed with a USB charging port which allows you to charge your mobile phones during vehicle breakdown, power outrage or any other similar emergency. It is provided with a 2200mAH battery that works as a power bank allowing for features like USB charging possible. It can come handy to people who go camping a lot as the juice from this can power a USB Powered Speakers or cameras or any other USB powered gadget. 

What makes this gadget awesome?

It has different light modes and features. For example, the flash light has the following light modes.

Directional Lighting
3 Brightness Levels

Emergency Glassbreaker

As the name suggests, this flashlight contains a high strength pointed alloy steel. The alloy tip of the Lightmate makes it easy to break glass windows when the situation forces it.

Waterproof and durable : As the light is waterproof, heavy rains or being submerged in water will not mess or spoil the device.

Rechargeable Batteries : When the USB charging port provided in the flashlight is revered, it turns into a charger. You can charge the Lithium Ion battery via a USB port.
Basically, this flash light lives up to its name of being an Emergency flash light.