Livescribe Echo Smartpen

The Livescribe Echo Smartpen has a small camera in the tip, which can detect the microdots that are on the paper. It will transfer your handwriting or sketch with a great precision. The difference between digital copy and the physical page is less than 1 mm. This is very good, and it is enough for many users. The best feature of this gadget is that you can transfer your sketches to your computer.

This Smartpen can record audio as well. Just press the button and the microphone in the pen will record your voice and sound from the surroundings. You can write the words while recording, so they will be highlighted in the presentation. If you want to return your presentation to some other point, all you need is to touch the word with pen. This is a very important option. You can have much better records of your classes, lecture or conversation.

The battery can last up to 10 hours, of writing, and it will recharge when you connect it with a computer. The biggest drawbacks of this gadget are its size, it is much bigger than an ordinary pen (because it is loaded with technology) and you must use special paper. This pen works only with a paper printed with the Anoto microdot pattern. The easiest solution is to buy notebooks from Livescribe. The other solution is to print your own paper, but you must use 600dpi or higher color laser printer!

This pen comes with some interesting apps. So, you can use it as a translator, calculator and a stock ticker. When you are bored, you can use it for composing music, because it has piano app. All this cost $120.