It is a branch of mechanical  designing, electrical, building and software engineering that arrangements with an outline, development, operations and utilization of robots,as well as PC frameworks for their control, tangible criticism, and preparing data.

Mechanical Technology is a quickly developing field. Many robots do tasks that are risky for people, for instance, mines and investigation, bomb defusing.

Business and mechanical robots are farther reaching today and used to perform employments all more efficiently, or all the more precisely and dependably than people. They are likewise utilized in occupations which are excessively messy, hazardous, or dull to be suitable for people. Robots are broadly utilized as a part of assembling, gathering, pressing and bundling, transport, earth and space investigation, surgery, weaponry, lab examination and well being.

At the same time, we ought not to be a robot dependent. In future if all the work is finished by robots than what will a poor man do?? Well, it leaves a question mark for us. Nothing can beat a human in sight.

At last, the response to "Which occupations are safe from PCs?" is truly basic. Maintain a strategic distance from the cover in the middle of people and PCs and take a gander at occupations that require a component of human conduct that PCs can't repeat: instinct, imagination, advancement, empathy, creative ability, etc. Those occupations will dependably be safe. So there is dependably a more secure side for human knowledge.