TAG Heuer Smartwatch

In the era of smartphones, everything is becoming more compact and wearable. Many companies have come up smart watches and were normally not by premium watch makers. So TAG has entered in to this segment by launching their first smart watch. It was announced at Baselworld 2015 which kicked off with a bang. Tag is believed to have partnered with Intel and Google with the aim of producing the World’s First Luxury Android Smartwatch. The watch is expected to go on sale on October or November 2015 with a price tag of $1400. The CEO of this Swiss Watch company Jean Claude Biver called this watch as Tag Heuer Carrera Wearable 01.
At Baselworld, the CEO confirmed that the watch would not be carrying Swiss Made label as it has Intel Processor as the engine of the watch and also because it would not be manufactured in Switzerland. Although the watch will be assembled it Switzerland, the watch will gain 80% of its value.
Tag Heur Smartwatch is expected to have a battery life of about 40 hours which is way better than that of the Apple Watch but it does not seem so appealing next to mechanical or hybrid watches. We also hear that the watch can be upgradable. Alexandra King, the UK communication manager revealed that their main focus would be the lifespan of the product. We don’t have much about the hardware specs of the watch as the company has been tight lipped about it but as Intel is on board, we believe the CPU will be a low powered Intel One.