When they say technology touches all ages, they truly mean just that. With all the advancements that we have made you might be fooled to think that there are no good gadgets for your little one due to the fact that many companies are keen on impressing the youths with highly impressive tablets, Smartphones and even high-horse powered hardware, but that’s not the case.
They are nice gadgets which are specifically designed and created for your little ones which are bound to make them laugh or even teach them about the world.
1. Tiger Electronics' POWER TOUR Electric Guitar (Ages10 & up)
This is the perfect gift especially if your kid is wannabe rock star. This gadget features touch sensors which have LED lights instead of strings. It also features dual-function knobs.
2. Comfy Easy PC Learning System (Ages 1 to 5)
A must buy gadget for your tot. The Comfy Easy PC System allows your toddler to interact as well as play with a number of loveable characters while improving their cognitive and motor skills.
3. Oregon Scientific Darth Vader Learning Laptop (ages 4 & up)
With a design of Dark Vader’s mask, this Oregon Scientific's Darth Vader Learning Laptop this laptop comes with an interactive tool that is very useful for kids who are 4 years and above. The laptop in itself features a backlit LCD screen that is touch sensitive as well as pointer “Light Saber” Qwerty keyboard.
4. Techno Source Rubik’s Revolution (Ages 5 to 10)
The Rubik's Revolution is a brilliant kid’s gadget that was just recently released by Techno Source. This electronic version of the electronic cube features six games: That is Rapid Recharge, Light Speed, Pattern Panic, Cube Catcher, Multiplayer Madness as well as Code Cracker.