The best way to manage your home

Kashani, the CTO of a startup called Neurio used to live in a tiny apartment. Even though he would go for months with the minimal heat in the radiator, his bills were unbelievable high. After researching, he found out that the culprit was a broken heater in one of the rooms which was adding up 50$ a month worth of electricity.

Starting from his own story, he created a device which, once plugged into the home’s breaker board, oversees the electrical usage. This way, you can find out in detail which appliances “eat up” the most energy and how much that is. “The wires that run through every wall look like a nervous system linking all these appliances into a single place,” he says.

The project doesn’t stop here. Kashani has also programmed the gadget to notify the user when the washing machine is done running or in the case in which he leaves the oven on after leaving the house. Taking into consideration all of its practical uses, Neurio’s price of 250$ could be easily understood. Kashani encourages the users to implement the device themselves, mentioning that the only challenge is to understand how to work with live wires.

Kashamo doesn’t want to stop here neither. His wish is to get the whole project to a new level, at bigger scale. “We’ve had this image of humanoid robots serving us tea for a long time,” he says. “But in reality, what’s happening is that the devices we already have are becoming conscious of their context and environment.”