Apple iPhone 5S - And miles to go

APPLE - The brand name is enough to describe any Apple gadget. A new trend is iPhone 5S. It's manufacturing though has covered many trending technologies, yet there are some flaws that need to be taken care of very soon. Some of the issues are listed here in brief.
       They are exhibiting calibration problems related to sensors and also the touch ID sensor is very limited. Also, the fingerprint sensor is limited only to Apple apps and not to any third-party apps. Apps crash, automatic apps logging out and blue screen of death (BSOD) resulting in reboot are some more headaches associated with it. iMessage issues and no near field communication are some other problems that require workouts in near future. Though it provides AirDrop as a substitute for NFC still, it lags behind the NFS technology. Limited stocks and low inventories are going against customers wish. The camera is not as advanced as some might hope.
         Besides the above problems, some more limits are like it does not support OLED display and has no memory card slot to store files in the phone. It has a non-removable battery and hence battery can not be changed at any point of time if the performance gets decreased. Also, Absence of FM radio in this phone is another limitation so that listening to favorite radio stations is a dream. This model is a milestone in Apple’s business, but if they take care of some flaws, it will attract some more customers definitely.