Budgee Robot

We have all been through a phase when we go shopping and we wish we had someone to carry the bags. If we go on a shopping spree, we either end up doing half the shopping or we will be forced to do a trip to the parking lot to keep the bags and it’s really annoying. Now imagine a world where you can keep on shopping for as long as you want without having to worry about carrying the bags in your hands. Well, this problem has been eliminated with the introduction of Budgee.

Budgee is a robot designed by Five Elements Robotics to carry up to 50 pounds costing at about $1400. Budgee was designed to attract people of all ages. It is interactive and cute. It has a small responder which can be clipped on to our belt and Budgee follows the frequency emitted by it by maintaining a distance of 1.5ft. Due to its incredible artificial intelligence, Budgee learns and adapts making it more responsive to its familiar environments. Budgee is portable and can be folded easily to fit in the back of the car. It weighs just 20pounds making it very easy to carry it around. 

Budgee can also be used by retail stores such as Walmart, Kmart etc. It can be used to inform consumers about other products and the isle number of the product that were bought by other consumers along with the selected product.  It can also be programmed to alert the store keepers when someone tries to leave the store without paying for the item.