How To Get An App For Android Phone

The  word  “app” is  the  short  form  for  an  application,  which  are programs  that  are  created to  meet  a certain  goal.  Some  app  are  bought  with  the  phone  while  others  needs  to  be  downloaded.

To  use  any  app  one need to install  and  store  it on the  device  that  you  use. Smart phones  and  tablets  in the  Samsung’s  galaxy  are  in line  up  not only to  access the  Google  play  store, but  it  still  provides  you  with  an option to download  apps  from  the Samsung’s  own  portal.
As said  earlier  you  can get  the  apps  in  the Play  Store, this  is  where  Google  sells  apps  and  other  contents  that  user  may like  to  have  in the  android  phones  like  movies, books etc

Google  play  store  provides  you  with  a  second  option  to re-download  the app  even  after  deleting  it.  While  using  Google  play  store  you  will  be  needed  to provide  credit  card  for  your  payment  in order  to  buy  the  app, though  there  are other free  options in  the market.
Other  than  Google  play  store  you  can get  apps  from Amazon  Appstore.
    Tap  the  apps  icon  at  the bottom-right of  your  home  screen.
    Tap  at  the play  store  icon.
    You  may  be  prompted  to sign in with your  Google  credentials and  the  payment  information  if  it’s  your  first  time. Then  finally  request  you  to  accept terms  and conditions.
Once  you  are  within Google  play,  search  for  the  app of  choice  from  the  search  option  provided.
    Tap  the  app  you  want then  follow  the steps  given.

After  downloading  the  app  will show  on the  home screen  of  your  phone. Tap  on it  and  enjoy.