Power banks & How They Work

Nowadays, we use a wide range of gadgets to save our time and make our lives easy. Of the gadget that is widely being used all around the world is a power bank. A power bank is a type of external battery that can be used to store electrical energy. A power bank comes in a sealed case and it usually has a USB cable that can be used to connect it to a laptop or a cell phone where it is used as a power source.

Power bank is a gadget which is widely being used by smart phone owners all around the world. There are three types of power banks available in the market and the first one is the universal power bank. This type of power bank comes in different shapes and sizes. These sizes can be adjusted according to you needs and budget. The second type is called the solar charged power bank. This type of power bank can charge a battery when under the sun because of the voltaic panel present on it. As solar charging is not that fast, so your battery may take a lot of time to get fully charged. The third and final type is called the old style battery phone case power bank. This type of power bank can prove to be very useful. But, it is not compatible with a wide range of devices. 

Power banks have an input socket where the power cable is connected and then it is plugged to a wall outlet. You can also charge your power bank by connecting it to a laptop or PC. There is a LED indicator present on the power bank which helps you to know when the battery is completely charged.