Brio’s Safe Outlet: At mind’s peace always

In our daily lives, accidents do happen, sometimes minor and in cases major even fatal. Accidents can be caused for various reasons. One of the primary reasons could be electrocution. In homes where toddlers and babies roam around the risk, increases even more because they have a natural tendency to poke their cute little fingers inside the holes of the plug sockets and often gets an electric shock, which can cause some crucial injuries. However, with the advancements of science and technology this worry can be kept at bay for now.

Brio, a San-Diego based startup company has provided some effective solution to this issue. They have launched a product by the name of Safe Outlet, which supplies electricity only when the patented micro sensors predict that the object inserted into the hole of a socket belongs to a plug of an electrical device. Otherwise, they inhibit the current flow. When some negative tests were run on the product using a fork, the results were quite successful as well as efficient.

The socket would usually take in a bit more wall space than those of the regular sockets. The one that has been launched in the market recently consist of two outlets in a single panel. The sensors are embedded in the socket areas whose microelectronics decides whether power is required at all or not. The device comes in with LED indicator that indicates whether a particular device is drawing up more power than required thus providing power saving as well.