Cool gadgets from CES

CES is known as Consumer Electronics Show and it is an internationally renowned electronics and technology trade show. Each year they attract major and successful companies around the world and this year they did a remarkable job.

If you have problems with your skin, don’t worry, with this device you will get rid of all those tiny problems we are facing every day when it comes to our skin.
It’s called Oku Skin Health Sensor, it uses an optical sensor to peer into your epidermis, and sends the reading on moisture, oils and wrinkles. This application will help you by giving you advice on how to make your skin even more beautiful and silky.

Then we have Parrot Pot, this pot holds a water reservoir inside. By using this you will be able to irrigate your greenery by simply tapping your phone’s screen.
It will also measure the temperature, the sunlight and fertilizer requirements. So if you want to provide your plants with a better care, this cool gadget will be of great help.
HP Mini PC’s, this is a tiny, cute computer which is very practical especially if you travel a lot and you need a mini device to satisfy your needs. It has 2GB of RAM and 32GB hard drive. You can also buy Pavillion Mini which is more expensive, but on the other hand more powerful.

Both of these devices run Windows 8.1, and since they are very cute and practical it’s a god idea to own them.