Eco Biolamp: A Concept That May Change The Future

We already know that in the near future will must use eco-friendly gadgets and solutions. Many of them are already designed or they are in development. On the other side, many of them are just concepts. Luckily, many of those concepts will be reality one day. One of them is Biolamp. The name is interesting, but the way how it works is even more. This concept should create a healthy environment for people.
The main idea of Biolamp is to convert CO2 into fuel. In order to achieve this, Biolamp use alga, liquid and water. As the end result, it will produce O2. Also, this street lamp is compared with a pump that should suck the smog. You already know that the smog is a serious problem in big cities. This concept is designed by Peter Horvath, a Hungarian industrial designer.
A good side is that Biolamp can be used everywhere. Of course, it should be used in big cities. The light is LED. This means that it uses less energy and it can last very long. So, there is no maintenance. It is very cheap to make a Biolamp. So, all countries and cities can use it. Beside it is useful for the environment, it provides better LED light than current street lamps, so our cities will be illuminated much better. Also, it looks very interesting, so cities will look futuristic and much more interesting.
Sadly, there is no more information. We can hope that soon, Biolamps will be used in cities. Probably, many people will travel to these cities just to see these lamps from the future.