A new drone for Israel

Technology is changing warfare. Israel has procured a new drone or Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV). It is the Hero 30 - The Kamikaze Micro Drone produced by a company called uVision. The Hero 30 is carried by a soldier, and then propped on the ground for launching. It is launched from its pneumatic carrying tube and after being airborne; its flight wings extend and continues its flight with the aid of an electronic propeller. It only weighs 7 pounds and carries a one-pound warhead, is remotely controlled, travels up to 115 mph. It is capable of a 30-minute flight and sends videos back to the operator, thus confirming targets several miles away. With its sophisticated guidance software, it can lock on to evading targets and automatically follow them. It can even go lower at slower speeds so it can be used for surveillance. It is exceptionally handy to visit hostile territory without risking the lives of pilots. When the warhead is ignited, there is no muzzle flash and no report. It can eliminate walls or ridges where the enemy may be hiding.

By relaying pictures to the ground, it allows snipers and other military personnel to shoot from greater ranges and pinpoint targets. With the Hero 30, hidden targets can be revealed making Israel’s defense of its borders more accurate.

The Hero 30 is already in operation with the Israeli military.