Blood Diagnosis Within Minutes

The latest super fast blood tester technology from the European Space Agency for astronauts is the future of the blood tests. The medical world marks a new milestone with this achievement that is capable of delivering blood diagnosis results for multiple diseases in a few minutes. This super fast blood tester technology also just needs a single drop of blood from the suspected patients.
The technology developed in association with The European Space Agency by the Radisens Diagnostics will now aid in bringing quick medical help for the astronauts living in space. The astronauts have to wait for hours, days and even weeks to know if they are infected with any threatening diseases. In response to this suffering endured by the astronauts, the new equipment has been designed to work just fine even in the absence of gravity.
There are as many as 6 astronauts residing in the International Space Station, an artificial satellite that is habitable. Life is quite hard for them there in terms of health. The scientists there are exposed to 1 millisievert of radiation each day, which is just the amount a person will be exposed to when he lives in earth for one full year. This makes the astronauts more vulnerable to cancer and cataracts. The absence of gravity also disturbs the blood circulation of the astronauts, making them puffy faced with very weak immune system that is made up of very low red blood cells. They also suffer from muscle atrophy and deterioration of bones. This new technology might pave way for more similar ones that will make life easier in space.