How to automatically shut down your computer

If you use your computer during the whole day, it would be a wise decision to shut it down when you are done. But, many of us forget. This means that your computer works more, despite nobody using it. Also, the power consumption is increased. The solution is simple. All you need to do is to set your computer shut down at a specific time.
1.    Go to the Task Scheduler. Both, Windows 7 and 8 have this option. Go to: Start/Control Panel/System and Security/ Administrative Tools/Task Scheduler.
2.    Create Basic Task. This option is on the right side of a screen. Give the name of the task and description.
3.    On the Task Trigger option, you can choose when this task will activate. Choose daily, if you want to shut down your computer every day.
4.    Click Next and choose the time when you want it to shut down.
5.    Choose Start a Program. 
6.    Click Next.
7.    Locate for the shutdown application. You can find it by typing C:WindowsSystem32shutdown.exe. In the Arguments field, type /s.
8.    Click Next.
9.    You will get to the summary window. Here, you can check your settings and confirm them, or you can notice a mistake that you must correct.
10.    When you are done, click Finish.
With this simple task, your computer will shut down every day at the time you choose. Make sure not to set your computer to shut down while you are using it. In this case, your work can be lost. It is a wise decision to choose the time when you are sure that you won’t use a computer.