How you can be a scientist

Study science at school: Maths, science, material science and science. That is the first step. Choices later are really wide and you don't need to stress over them yet. Initiate examining in your general vicinity of the hobby. It helps in the event that you can likewise work out what you have a fitness for... as now and then what we need and what we're great at are not the same thing. However, notwithstanding that only in light of the fact that you're bad at something shouldn't stop you from doing it in case you're sufficiently enthusiastic. 
A researcher can be a temper. Might I recommend you take on the investigative technique and after that begin applying it where you can step by step. At least you can include information through school, home study, online study, TED and different gatherings. You may be a researcher that never takes a school course, however, does experimental deal with your own. It won't be simple nor will it be quick and it might never make you affluent yet in the event that it is your field it will fulfill your spirit. Best of living with you 
Whatever you study doesn't make a difference , just thing expected to be a researcher is an ever inquisitive personality and activities to determine those interest through thinking and experimentation