Robots can heal themselves in few minutes

Many people say that robots are our future and that we will be able to benefit from them and use them in many situations, from a dangerous one to a harmless one.
But there is still one question, will they be able to survive every situation or will they have a weak spot? In the newspapers called “ Nature “ you can read an article where you will be able to find out how robots can heal from any injury in approximately two minutes.

You can see a video that shows how one robot with six legs can still keep on walking even though two of its legs are completely broken.
Where did they find an inspiration? Well if you think about it both humans and animals can perfectly walk and live even if they are hurting, or don’t have one or both legs or if their ankle is sprained. That’s how they realized that robots should be able to function too.

One scientist Jean-Baptiste Mouret said that it is completely normal for every animal to simply continue with their lives even though they have any form of disability. And why is that? 
Well he said that animals have intuition and that it allows them to figure out and find a way to live normally in spite of the injury. And that is why he, along with other scientists decided to create robots that will be able to do the same.

In that case robot will use a computer simulation of itself where he will be able to create a map, which will present its intuition. By using this he will be able to discover some sort of compensatory behavior that will help him function despite of his injury.